V M ARCHITECTS was founded in 2009 by Mr. Virendra Kedarnath Mhatre.

We at VM ARCHITECTS have your dreams at heart! We help you process it to reality with each of our architectural services coupled with the highest levels of quality. Our experienced team are adept at handling residential and commercial projects and can process or transform your homes/offices/ sites to give you optimum satisfaction for investing your trust in us while meeting up with the parameters of each project.

The relationship of architecture to site is a constant and central focus of the work. For each project whether urban, suburban or rural the site and environment are closely studied to create an architecture that responds both formally, functionally and materially to the surroundings. This design approach is to create buildings and structures that are uniquely responsive to program and site, from public and private institutions from small studies for the siting and development of single buildings to comprehensive plans. Its ever so important to be aligned to what we can execute for you if you could comprehend the importance of Architecture in our lives today.

Our Aim is:

  • To develop innovative buildings that practice in the Contemporary Architectural Dialogues in respect with environment.
  • To combine detailed Research on building forms with the composition of spaces.
  • The design process includes multitude of different approach method that includes sketches, diagrams and digital representation to experimentation with building detailed model.
  • Our work ranges from art, interior & garden design to buildings, master regeneration and urban planning with local climate & use of eco friendly materials.
  • Socially integrated landscape which fulfils human needs in sustainable way.
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